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I bought a honda civic which has a d15b vtec on it (not sure which kind), after sending it to a mechanic which I am not familiar of, the car started to run like crap. As of now I cannot get a hold of this mechanic, he doesn't reply to my messages and I just found out that his shop closed down and his whereabouts are unknown.

1st, the car ran fine, no problems with it, but after crashing it I sent it to a mechanic to fix the needed parts to fix. I checked and tested the engine before and after the crash and it was the same as I've bought it. No damages were taken in by the engine.

2nd, After getting it from the mechanic the car runs rich, I smell gasoline,the idle sounds like crap. checked the spark plugs and they were black as hell, replaced the plugs and after some testing, it went black again.Whenever I stop in traffic the engine also stops(full gas in the tank). I sent it back to the mechanic and he said it was a wrong tune of the computer box(p07-chipped). so I researched a bit and order a chipped p08 box from him.

3rd, I don't know what the F happened, but he gave me a p06-chipped box and gave reasons that p06 is better( IDK if this is true),I cannot complain, Im just a 16yr old teenager and he was an old guy, I just cannot bring myself to get mad at him since I'm just a child with few experiences with cars. The car runs, the engine doesn't stop anymore when I also stop BUT when the engine gets at working temperature, when I shift and this occurs regularly at high revs when I shift, I step on the gas, no response from the engine at all. I researched a little bit and discovered that my d15b has aftermarket injectors(not sure what size) after knowing this I squeezed the fuel return line a little bit and tested it. It now runs rich and the idle sounds like crap but the response is good(no more stalling)-I think I need an adjustable fuel pressure regulator.

4th, After the 3rd step I went to another mechanic to ask what do I do and have it checked. We discovered that the 4th cylinder is not firing, this pissed me off. Compression tested it. the other 3 cylinders are around 130psi(don't know if it's still good) and the 4th @ 30psi(wet and dry test, the compression did not increase). they said I have a leaking valve. note-this is still a week after sending it from the 1st mechanic

All in all a mechanic fucked me up and that I just have little money since Im just a teenager, can anyone give me help/tips what should I do with this engine at minimum cost. This is the summary of the problems of my engine:
>4th cylinder not firing
>engine is stalling
>Computer box
>aftermarket injectors

Note- I just discovered that this mechanic has a bad name in our area, he cheats his customers,etc. I shouldv'e background checked him before giving it to him in the first place.
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