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Im looking for a good source of basic cam degreeing (setting using degree wheel, understanding valve timing with reference to crank position / events, influence of retard/advance on longer duration cams, and the like) methods and its importance in tuning..something like basic fundamental stuff that's staple in tuners.
Maybe you guys can provide me useful links so I can add them to my brain lol.
I'll be using the spec sheet for the crower2 cams I got and I wanna be able to understand how to adjust & follow it properly.

Or how bout some direct explanation if anyone's up to it.

Many TIA!
Just some basics, the cam rotates once for every two revolutions of the crank. for every degree that the cam is turned, the crank has turned two degrees. duration of a cam is how long it holds the valve open in the cylinder. and lift is how far it pushes the valve open. hope that helps your thot process.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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