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Alright, this might sound like a dumb question, but bear with me here.

Ive had d15b/y8 in my car for about a month now, before that it was a b7 block. Anyway, ive been using a z6/b7 cam gear. Which i know is the correct one to use.

2 days ago, oil pump went out on the d15, Boom said the motor.

I got a y7 for free, so im gonna be throwing a y7 block/y8 head in. What cam gear do i use. Common sense tells me the y8.

But, i wasnt sure if the reason behind using the b7/z6 cam gear before was for mech timing, or for ECU reasons(In my case, p28). Ive never seen an explanation behind what to use, only people saying "USE Cam gear X For this set up".

So, is common sense right, should i use the y7/y8 cam gear?
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