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Calling all XTD clutch users (others may be able to help too)

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I put in my new XTD stage 3 clutch and 8lbs flywheel in and everythings going fine. I replaced the clutch, flywheel, pressure plate, throw out bearing and pilot bearing. Im still breaking it in but it's running good. But when it's in neutral there's a slight noise that Im hearing...kinda high pitched. If I just barely touch the clutch (feels like enough to just make the throw out bearing move a tiny bit) then the noise goes away. It's not like super loud or anything and everything feels good like I said. I just wanna make sure that the noise is normal. Any of you guys using XTD clutches and flywheels or any other brand for that matter ever hear that noise?

And also, my clutch feels kinda stock when you just push it in and out. I have a friend that has a NOPI Competition stage 3 clutch in his and he said his felt the exact same way for a week or 2 and then it got really stiff (and his did for sure, I've felt it and it feels really good and stiff). Im just wondering if mine is supposed to stiffen up after a little while as well. Anyone know? Thanks!
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is the noise kind of a hissing noise ... SsSSSSSsSSSSSSSSSS kinda like that?

sorry that soudned retarded...

does it make a sound like something is spinning
try adjust your clutch cable up a little bit more maybe? i never had that problem with my xtd so i cant really help , as for the redal feel mine is very soft aswell but it seems asthough it still bite the clutch plate as hard as my old exedy did , ive done maybe a combinded 1000 miles on mine and it hasnt got any stiffer , this is in a race car by the way so it does get a good work out when manouvering around the pits and stuff.
yea it is kind of a hissing noise and it sounds like something spinning...I can't adjust the clutch cable b/c I don't have one. It's a hydro tranny but thanks for the help
me and my friend both had xtd stage 3 kits.. he got the 8 pound flywheel i used my stock.. his was making that hising noise.. and after 4k his pp blew up..

my xtd 3 kit the throwout bearing hit the clutch disc and engaged the clutch if the pedal was on the floor... clutch specialties ftw.. never had a problem with them just a little bit more.. i got my stage 2 pp and 4 puck for 240 and surface flywheel 35 so 275 bitchen clutch thats been good for a year now
i have the same problem i think. when the clutch is not pressed there is a high pitched bearing noise that not to loud and when you touch the pedal it goes away.

im not sure if thats the isb or the throwout bearing.
I doubt it's anything serious then if we're all hearing it. Thanks guys. I'm going to search around some more and see what I can find out about this. I might email Aimco about it.
well i would tink since u have an aftermarket setup there more noise resonance coming from it the fly wheel has less material and i the sateg 3 clutch

so more noise would be heard
i think thats a common problem with the xtd stage 3 ..i have the stage 2 and its quiet and works great ,...i dont think you have anything to worry about b/c of the hissing noise
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