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Ok here's what I am trying to do. I am trying to solve the problem with the y8 auto Intake manifold. Auto y8 manifold uses the EACV mounted TB instead of the EACV on the back of the Manual y8 intake manifold. For a while I thought the only option was the y7 eacv mounted TB. Y7 IM's use EACV mounted TB's for both manual(2wire) and auto(3wire).
While looking through ebay and a few other places I have noticed that several of the latest TB's have the eacv on the bottom of them much like the y8 auto TB and y7 auto/manual TB's. Anyone with a 96 eacv mounted TB(both 2wire and 3wire) please list them here. The y8 is a great manifold and I would like to solve this issue of the y8 auto IM not being able to have any choices for TB without machining the holes to mount the EACV on back.
Please confirm engine type, year, and eacv type(2 or 3 wire)
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