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California CARB Parts information

So, I was at work today bored to tears. Went to site to look for CARB info and this is what happened. I don't think this is a complete list, but it's all I could find at the moment. I'll be looking for more info later. I just hope it helps others needing the info.

MODS: I didn't know if I should post this here or someplace else. Please feel free to move it to the proper location.


Advance Concepts AC Autotechnic Power and Revolution Intake

AEM Air Induction System (Cold Air/Short Ram)

Automotive Systems Group Hiperflow Induction System

CP Products Cold Air Intake

CT Engineering Performance Air Intake System

Comptech Machine Performance Intake Airbox Kit

HKS USA Super Mega Flow Air Filter Kits

HKS Power Flow Air Filter System

Injen Cyborg Intake System

K&N Typhoon Intake System

Knight Engineering Iceman Cool Air System

Revolutions Motorsports Weapon*R Hyper Intake System

Weapon R Comp Products Dragon and Hyper Air Intake Systems


Bosal USA Brospeed Header

Comptech Machine Performance Header system

CT Engineering Performance Header System

DC Sports Exhaust Header

Edelbrock TES Shorty Headers

Greddy Exhaust Header

Hedman Hedders Chikara Exhaust Headers

Holley Airmass Exhaust Header

Hooker Ind. Inc. Super Comp Exhaust Headers

Flowtech Airmass headers

Pacesetter Exhaust Headers

Stillen Honda Header

ZR Racing Products Exhaust Headers


CT Engineering Supercharger Kit

Edelbrock Performer X Turbo Kit

Greddy Turbo kit

Greddy Civic Intercooler Kit

HKS Turbocharger Kit

Jackson Racing Supercharger Kit


Airtek Inc. (Catco) Series 610000 3way Cat Converter

Airtek Inc. (Catco) Series 612000 OBDII Compliant 3way Cat Converter

Equipo Industrial Automotriz Series 80000 3way Cat Converter

Valina Inc (d.b.a. Car Tex) Series 12800 3way Cat Converter


Edelbrock Tubular Exhaust System

Pacesetter Exhaust system


Tri-Mil Industries Inc. 4-1 Honda Extractor

AEM Bypass Valve

Edelbrock Throttle Body

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Wow. good compilation. Second on the sticky.

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Good call! Might want to print some of these and carry in the car.
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