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Hello everyone my ex owned an 04 Civic years ago which is why i have been a member here for awhile. That being said I am looking to buy one again with a stick.
I own a Dodge dart and a vw rabbit . The dart my fiance drives and I owe money on it (married to it).
The 09 VW is a fun car but not cheap or easy to work on. My fiance finally has a parenting plan ironed out which requires 10 hours of driving a month. I don't want to use the dart and kill the value more. Nor do I want to rely on the VW long term. It's been a good car but not cheap not easy and if parts are needed quickly I'd be in trouble.
So I want a Civic I'm a car guy so I like a little bit of enjoyment. I want an engaging car. I also want reliability and easy to work on and easy to get parts for. I am going to spend between 3-4k what issues should I work for ? What concerns should I have? What should I expect to find in Missouri for 3-4k the VW is an 09 had 121k when I bought it a year ago and I paid 3200. I had to replace the wheels they were bent. I did tires a battery pcv valve and vacuum pump. I probably overpaid a little bit. But after doing these repairs it's been great. I've also did all the fluids. But I'd do that to any car i bought. I expect to have to do some stuff on any car i buy. Glad to be back and look forward to your help. Thanks everyone.
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