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Burn 2 and turbo edit

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so basicly i bought a burn 2 chip burner i have crome and turbo edit i mainly use crome but i have a ecu that was tuned with turbo edit but i dont no how to read the chip with the burn 2 i can read crome chips threw crome with my burn 2. but i want to no how i can read my turbo edit chips
anny help appreciated
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I guess nobody realizes that you can burn chips without crome. =/

Download and install flash and burn.
What version of TE are you using? Some older-style NG based bins need to be opened in TE 2.5.2. If you are using 2.5ish, you may need to install 3.2.2.

Some cases, guys hex edit, and nothing will really open it.

If you can't figure it out, hit me up. I'll give it a crack.
I'm very unfamiliar with OBD1 stuff, but I can try a few things. Email the file to me.
Yeah, because TE can't recognize them as a valid bin. I know that seems obvious, but, well, that's why.
You don't.
That's just way beyond my skill level, and yet, I did as for you to email me the bin so I could try a few things I know to see if I can pull the tables out from the bin. So . . . yeah.

If you want some help tuning, email me. I love tuning OBD0 stuff.
It didn't attach correctly.

Send it directly to [email protected].
1 - 7 of 22 Posts
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