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Details/Photos coming today.

The Billet S259s are ready! These new billet compressor wheels are lighter, stronger, better flowing and machine balanced!

The option can be bought as a complete unit OR if you already have a S259 we can upgrade your unit to billet. We can ALSO upgrade your extended tip S256 to a Billet wheel S259! (Convert your 500hp rated unit to a 600hp+ rated unit)

Here are some detailed and comparison pics for those who are interested.

Billet Bullseye S259


Cover Off

Billet S259 to Cast S259 covers off

Cast Left, Billet right

For those thinking...hmmm, I wonder how that looks next to a Precision Billet wheel...
Bullseye Billet S259 and PTE Billet 6262

Bullseye Left, PTE Right

PTE left, Bullseye Right
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