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Ok, i have a p75 head, Fresh valve job, Supertech valve springs, Titanium retainers, Exospeed stage 3 cams, stock cam gears, no valve cover (unless i can find one laying around)

450 bux, I can also have the head street/strip ported/polished for an additional 100.

What im looking for...
External Wastegate
boost controller, manual or electronic
turbo that will support atleast 350-400 whp... realy shootin for the 500-600 range.
Quality turbo manifold
Ecu's, i will knock off 50 for each po5/po6, 60 if they are auto, 75 for p28/p30/p72
3" electronic cutout
4-6 2.5" silicone couplers
2.5" t-bolt clamps
Oil pres, EGT, Boost gauge (0-30 psi)
92-95 power window/lock setup
450+cc injectors

Any other MISC Eg hatch parts

Let me know what you got, and we can go from there.
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