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I have single cam zc turbo with a ar60 turbo.Car was never ran on the streets so motor was install an never ran

Autometer boost gauge
Autometer oil gauge
WR Racing Vaccum holder

Head work:
Hondata intake gasket
Cometic Headgasket
Head is ported (homeMade Port by me)
Ported Intake Manifold (HomeMade Port by me)
Ls throttle body
Arp Headstuds

Fuel Management:
rc550 injectors
Walbro 255 fuel pump
fuel pressure regulator with clock (Also HomeMade)
Upgraded Mapsensor for 20psi

Engine Management:
Apex-I Safc-2
obd0 to obd1 step down
p28 chipped on crome for 20psi an on Rc550 injectors

Slammed on silver KYB's an H&R springs
OBX front,rear,bottom sway bars
Momo steering wheel
type r shift boot
greedy thrust knob
Crossed drilled/slotted rotors with hawk pads all around {barely used}
Battery relocated to the back
Brand new ACT 6 Pack Sprung clutch Kit

I will post up some pictures A.S.A.P

Now the deal here is that since the block was completely stock i was only running 15psi of boost eventually i blew my motor (actually it's the main bearings)Due to the oil pump taking a dump on me. Now i have to rebuilt it.What i was wondering is for my next built what can i go with besides rods an bigger pistons and better oil pump
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