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I started browsing about a month ago and decided I wanted to put together a fairly typical d-series n/a build. At one point, I had a 90 dx hatchback with a stock y8 swap/si trans [email protected] and kinda wanted to elaborate on that for a new build.

basic idea for the longblock is

D16Y8 longblock
I plan on taking examples from endyn and other references in cleaning up the crankcase and performing oiling system modifications

-YCP 75.5mm P29 style pistons
-FJT forged H-beams
-block guard
-ARP head studs
-ARP rod bolts
-Self P&P y8 head
-Crower stage 3 camshaft w/ necessary valvespring and retainer upgrade(as well as valve guides and possibly new valves)
-adjustable cam gear (obviously)

Direct port 50-75 shot(unsure on what i'm doing as far as nitrous, but figured it's a necessary factor with my other questions)

My first questions are,

1. With the Crower Stage 3 camshaft, will there be any valve to piston clearance issues asssuming i have the stock deck, headgasket thickness and un-milled head?

2. What headgasket is recommended for this type of application?

3. Where should I look for proper tolerances concerning bottom end bearings?

(FYI, I haven't listed any fuel management mods to keep from distracting from my engine building questions.)
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