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ok i am bulding another D prolly to be put in my girlfriends eg 4 door and boost it with all the goods on the motor still(a/c. p/s...)

i am going to reuse my old motor well block n crank it was strong untill i sold it and the kid ran it on 87 and melted a pistion never hurt the cyl wall tho. it is 20 over already so i got .20 over vitras and i am hopen i can make it work out i well see what the moor shop says.
i hope it works because the block is notched already and berings never gave me any issues. so i will pry for the best.

i have the old head studs and the old head mild P&P job.

i guess i will use my new camara to take pics of the build.

i was wondering is any one can help me with the oil pump i have the stock one i used befor it worked good but i want to eather put a new one on or some one told me about a modd you can do to it to maek work better and flow more oil. can any one help with this??

the combo will be
a6 block
z6 head
head studs
rods are unnow right now till i find something for a deal.
y8 or skunk2 intake
most likely a log manny
turbo unknown prolly .42.48 jsut because i had good luck with one befor
cx or dx tranny
act6puck clutch
pics soon

any input helps

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if you want your oil pump to flow more oil radius the harsh edges the oil flows over and make the turns it has to take as progressive as possible. shimming it is basically useless.

there are DIY's available in the DIY section
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