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Hey guys i know theres plenty of threads on here already of how or what should i do to my engine threads already.Well heres sort of another one.haha

Well ill start off by lettin you know what i got, a greddy full exhaust and dc sport headers and now the engine

-i got a d16y7 block with stock internals gonna be rebuilt with racing main bearings and the cylinders are gonne be honed and the piston rings replaced and the rods are gonna be shot peened.well thats the block

-now the d16y8 head i have a brian crowler stage 2 cam and thats it haha

Now before i ask the question i will let you know that i am trying to build this as much as i can and squeeze around an 80 wet shot.The questions are what valves should i run along with what kind of springs and retainers my friends were saying to use dual valve springs but i have only really seen these in the DOHC engines and not to sher how hard these will be to get for my D.Another question would be should i get lower compression pistons or leave the stock slugs.If you need more info just let me know just tryin to get some help.Thanks in advance!
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