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build my d15b or pick up a d16z6

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should i build my d15b or should i pick up a d16z6? ive been fighting with myself for the past week or so. i have a complete d15b that i tore down to rebuild, planning on boost, but i can pick up a d16z6 block, mains and a6 crank for free. all of my stuff from my d15b would fit, right. such as water pump, oil pump, and oil pan. the reason i wanted to build the d15 is to be a little bit more sleeperish. i plan to do a vitara setup, eagle or TT rods, and ARP headstuds. i am hoping for 350 with my turbonetics 60 trim and tuned by trackmasters in Huntsville with Crome Pro.

What do you guys think i should do?
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its up to you but if you can get that z6 for free, id say take it and just build that. just my $0.02
well thats what i was thinking. what would be the approximate torque differences between the two with the same setup?
cmon guys i need some more help
I'm not sure the downside to more displacement. More HP, more TQ, quicker spool. Z6 has the good oil pump too. Its a simple advantage, I'm not sure why not?
is the pump off of my d15b the same as the z6? because thats what i would be using.
ya i know you want a z6 jon. but you where out there the other day when that guy in the mustang said i could never build a 1.5 to beat matts gsx. thats the only reason i even thought about it.
Z6 nough said..............
I'd snag the Z6 & build either one, and save the other as a backup. I doubt that there will be a significant difference either way, but I'm sure the Z6 will have a measurable amount more HP/Tq VS the D15.
no replacement for displacement lol.. i know a whole .1 but i think the z6 would be stronger bigger mains then the 1.5
ok so can some one tell me if all of the parts off of the d15b will fit the z6? i guess im just going to put new bearings and rings in the d15b and save it or maybe sell it.
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