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any comments or suggestions on parts?
ill have 10 months to build, 10 months from june when i can get my licenes back, and when i can start working on cars again.

Rough List of plans.

Current State
Car: 91 CRX DX ED8.
Engine: None
Tranny: None
Suspesion: cheap-o coilovers
Interior: Stock for now, No seats.

Engine/Drive Train:
-Endyn Block Post kit(debating, since i am goign to run aroudn 20psi)
-LSD ZC tranny
-Performance Integra Axles
-Custom Head Gasket
-Hondata Style Intake Gasket
-6 puck Clutch
-ACT street lite flywheel
-JGE Camshafts
-JGE Valve train
-Eagle Rods*
-SRP D16a6 9.5:1 CR pistons(9.1:1 in dohc zc)
-ARP Head Studs*
-ARP Main Studs
-ARP Pressure Plate bolts
-ARP Flywheel bolts
-1000cc Presion Turbo Injectors*
-P29 ECU*
-Homemade Turbo manifold(or SLS Log manifold)
-t3/t4 Turbo*
-Ebay Intercooler*
-3" DP & Exhaust
-JGS precision 40mm wastegate
-JGS precision Bypass valve
-JGE Adj. Cam Gears*
-Alum. Half Rad.
-OEM GSR Dual Bend Shifter*
-Wideband Oxygen Sensor

-Ex sedan Front 10.3" Brakes*
-Integra Rear Disk conversion
-Stainless Steel Brake Lines
-Full Bushing Upgrade
-Anti-Roll bars(sway bars) upgrade
-Home made Traction system
-Full Coil Over system (Function & Form or D2)
-Integra Booster and MC*
-15X8 Sportmax rims, black/w polish lip
--either 002s or 501s
-Camber Kits

-NRG quick release and wheel
-6pt Roll Cage
-Roll cage Camera Mount
-Racing Seats(not sure on what kind)
-Various Gauges(boost*, EGT, Oil Press.)
-Dash Mount Gauge pods

-EF Side markers
-Amber Corner Lenses

shotting for a min. of 250whp.


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ARP making you custom mains? Tell them to keep the measurements, mass produce them, and sell 'um...! Though I've never heard of anyone complaining about the OEM ones.

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Do you have money to blow, cause that could buy other nifty goodies. I think it's good to go OEM where OEM works, these after market companies love you buying shit you don't need.

Hell, half the reason I love honda is because you can build them up with OEM parts as well as aftermarket parts...

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I know, I was just saying. Looks like a sick build, whats your HP goal? Is this a drag car or a road car?

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keep OEM parts the are tuff strong for about 300 whp and even higher in some cases
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