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Ok well heres my complete setup

block: d16y8 decked .020
crank: d16z6 2 oiling holes per rod and main journal compared to the y8's 1
oil pump: stock modified shimmed and ported
bearings: acl race(all clearences within hondas new motor specs)
water pump: stock
pcv system: black box removed for seperate catch can system
pistons: pm6 from the usdm d16a6 comp bump to 10.7:1
rods: stock 1.6 rods with arp hardware(resized)
timing belt: gates racing
head gasket: factory one layer removed bump from 10.7 to 11.3:1
arp head studs

HEAD : factory d16y8 um molested
valve train: comp cams 105300 (stage2) comp cams d16 valve springs
aem camgear
Intake: home made itbs used cbr 954rr throttle assembly, weber 45mm dcoe ss velocity stacks, UNI filters for weber dcoe stacks
header: obx junk header with custom 2.5" collector

heres the problem i am having contact with the valves to the piston in number 4 cylinder during the crank/cam timing setting so i dont know what to do anyone have any ideas cause im aobut to tear this damn thing apart and boost it
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