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Well I'm going to turbo my beater, and atm its a d15b2 with full obd1 on crome. I'm getting 31mpg with a crap alignment, beating on it, and a questionable o2 sensor.

I've got 2-3 spare Z6 heads, but only 1 Z6 block that needs to be rehoned. I plan on using stock blocks and want to keep $/mile high, so its going to be fairly low boost (for me).

Now if I go 1.6L, its going to spool a little sooner, but the 1.5L I could technically rev it a little higher. I also have almost no work to do to the 1.5L block, and it ends up at ~10:1 CR. Perfect for E85 boost.

What would you do? Keep in mind its for an EF, and I already have an EG w/built Z6.
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