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Bryanstheguy2's For Sale Thread

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Im Hard up for money right now, Shit must go..i will also be parting out my obd1 zc vtec motor once i go pick it up from storage. ill accept money order only, OBO ON EVERTHING.

OBD1 JDM P91 Ecu Chipped obd2 fuel map, comes with obd2 injectors and obd2 injector clips, No Rev Limit,Vtec 6000 OBD2 Basemap ( 80 bucks shipped)

92-95 D16 Cam Gear Cover($15 Bucks Shipped OBO) Comes with Bolts

Fuel Injector Cover($10.00 Shipped)

92-95 Power Steering Resevoir mount. ($9.00 Shipped)
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1 - 1 of 41 Posts