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Here's the setup. Working on friend's 94 Civic DX, D15B7. Had no compression in 2 cylinders. Pulled the head, had two broken exhaust valves, one in cyl 2 and one in cyl 3.

Replaced the exhaust valves, put it all back together, did compression test. Everything looks good.

Started the car, runs fine. Has a CEL for IACV. Plug it in, white smoke starts coming out of tailpipe. Unplug, white smoke stops.

My theory... water in cylinders 2 and 3 caused abnormally high cylinder pressure, breaking two exhaust valves during a compression stroke.

Since it is happening, I assume a failed IACV can dump coolant into the manifold?? Never heard of this before.

Also, we are throwing an AT lock-up solenoid code. It is an AT car. I assume this will prevent the TC from locking up correctly.

Do the solenoids fail often, or should I be tracking down a wiring problem?
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