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BOV sale

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I have a lightly used tial BOV asking 170 shipped OBO retails for 225!

Also have I have a hks style blow off valve asking 60 shipped OBO. doesnt come with the clamp i missplaced it!

PM me for quickest response or email at [email protected]
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sorry here you go, pics taken on a camera phone so not great but you get the idea. the piping is not included with the tial unless we work out a deal!

Hks style


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80 posts and allready selling
Everythign but the DSM bov is sold! and i do have vouches for next time i wanna sell something check it out! have a i trader of 5 on there! and you can seach wip_customs on ebay for my feedback rating! i know i know im still a semi noob on here but i thought someone on here would be interested cause this site is more about civic speed than any other!
bump hks style back up for sale!
does it have the clamp that is shown in the picture?
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no it doesnt i lost it but you can get one at your local hardware store for like 68 cents! you can get at me on aim if your interested jaysxy
bump for this guy.

ill personally vouch for him bought a few things from him a couple different times.

currently buying some corners off him now.

btw this is blacknmild874 on CC
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yes it is still avalable! Pm me with an offer and we can go from there!
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good prices for sure man free bump
thanks man intersted in anything lol i need to get rid of soem stuff im moving on to a new project this week and need money to fund it !
Are you intersted in that HKS one?
bump! Now have 2 hks style BOV's and one greddy style type rs greddy is new the hks ones are sued asking 50 shipped for the greddy style and 40 shipped for the hks ones!
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