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Bought Another Car: 1994 Integra RS Sedan *New Pics 5/28 on second page*

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Well now I am up to 4 cars now. The driveway is getting a little full. One of my friends was selling his 1994 Integra RS sedan that his wife drove and wanted it gone asap. The price on this thing was dirt cheap and too good to pass up. The only plans for this car is for my girlfriend to drive it. We will replace the wheels when the tires wear out. The car was just lowered on some tokico shocks and springs recently. That is the only mod to the car.

Here are the before pics, I did not get a chance to take any after pics because the batteries in my camera were dead. The car is horribly dirty in the pics, it cleaned up really nicely. The one foglight is now gone as well lol.

before on the headlights:

after a little wetsanding and buffing:


one last pic on 2nd page also
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Updated with new pics

See less See more've been busy....................:TU:
Leeroy Loggins at it again

Schmurgon :TU:
This last weekend I put new brakes on the car front and rear. The wheels were starting to look like shit with the silver coming off in some areas so I decided to refinish them. The color is a graphite color with a lot of metallic in it. The pics really can not show how good the wheels look, the color doesnt come out in the pics I took unfortuntely. I also robbed the strut bar that came with the 91 integra for the 94 integra. It was not fitting on the car correctly so I decided to install it on Amanda's car. Rather it be on a car than taking up space. After we put the wheels on, I used that new liquid clay bar stuff and waxed the car. The paint turned out a whole lot nicer than it used to be.

Car got dusty driving down the driveway.

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Needs better wheels slooze. Blades FTW.

Amanda is a lucky woman. Just happened upon the man with the cleanest cars evar. :TU:
Needs better wheels slooze. Blades FTW.

Amanda is a lucky woman. Just happened upon the man with the cleanest cars evar. :TU:
blades would be really nice to have on the car but i can not find a set for a decent price. we plan on buying new wheels for the car when the tires are shot. when we bought it, the tires had less than 1000 miles on them.
Looks good man.
nice nice when are we seeing pictures of the future sperm containment unit????
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