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bottom end?

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i got a jdm non vtec d15b what can i do to the bottom end to make it stonger
i plan on turbo and mpfi now but im worryed about rods and pistons i dont want it to blow up:skull: i also want to know what cam will fit this head for better performance?
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Crower is the only source I know of, and I believe the only palce for D15 rods. Your better off getting a D16 if you plan for 200WHP or higher. For a cam you can get a `88-`91 Si cam and send that to Delta cam for a regrind if the stock profile isen't enough for you.
If you lived in japan parts would be easier to come by but over here you have to kind of hunt around. I saw a thread a while ago:

Good luck with your build don't forget to post pics!
Differant D15B, the FAQ is for the `92-`95 D15B VTEC. What he's running is compareable to the `88-`95 D15B1/B2/B7.
this engine would be a d15b2 but it is jdm the car is imported over here from
somewhere but i dont think it was japan its left hand drive wish it was thou
even the vin is jdm the bumper dont look like any other dx iv seen.maybe you guys can shed some light on this for me? that would be helpfull
i was told that d16a rods would fit.
only option for rods are crower and they cost somewhere around 600-700 bucks i believe... if you want more than 180-200 whp.. get a d16 and build it
im probaly just push it to 200 or so thankyou

the car on the left is it old lady had it before us and hit a truck
but see the bumper it looks jdm the car on the right is my rex
Ross pistons and Crower rods
thanks!!! i was looking for that info:TU:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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