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I'd like to state quickly I am fairly new here, have done some reading and searching before hand. I'm not really a Honda guy, but dang these cars are cheap to make fast.

I have owned quite a few Supras, bikes, Corvette, Integra, etc

So, I have a bone stock 1995 Civic LX. 220,000 miles, owned by an old lady previously. 5 speed, D15b7.

So, first thing I wanted to do was compression test, to even tell me if it's worthy to boost. It yielded 204-210 on 3 cylinders..... Yes 3. The last one has a plug seized in it. We let the engine cool overnight, soaked it in PB blaster for about 4 hours and it still won't budge...

Obviously this is going to be a dilemma down the road and I want to be prepared before I start taking things apart, but with little knowledge about what you can and can't do I'm stuck posting here to ask (Be gentle!)

Here's my solutions :

1. Try removing it, break it, car is down for weeks
2. Buy another b7 head, plug and play with harness
3. Buy a Z6 or Y8 head

I plan to go head studs, and a new gasket. But would the Z6 and Y8 cylinder heads be plug and play with harness?

Also, would I need to get another ECU?

Would I need to order a thicker headgasket?

Basically, what do you guys think would be my best route here??? Sorry if I posted in the wrong section mods please move if needed

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a search is recommended. 1/2 inch breaker bar with spark plug socket, be prepared to possibly strip threads. helicoil repair kit can be done if you do

if you booger it up, another b7 is plug and play, every other question has been answered, all you have to do is look.
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