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I'll try to make this as quick and painless as possible.

I'm burning a lot of oil, I believe. Here's my boost setup:

- Tanabe medallion catback exhaust
- Cat delete (test pipe)
- eBay fabbed downpipe with Oxygen sensor bung
- T04E 50 trim (.48 A/R) turbo (eBay)
- Miniram style header
- Authentic Tial 44mm wastegate
- HKS SSQV blow off valve
- DSM (Mitsubishi) 450cc injectors (10W 10Ohm resistors inline)
- Walbro 255 fuel pump
- Cometic head gasket
- ARP head studs
- Oil feed/drain lines + welded oil pan bung. Drain line is straight downhill, restrictor plate on feed line (1mm diameter)
- Hondata 4 bar MAP
- P28 chipped with Hondata S100
- Full tune with dyno sheet available making 200WHP and 160lb/ft on 11psi by Absolute Proformance in Finksville
- Air filter for turbo
- A/C Delete
- Apex'i turbo timer
- Autometer boost gauge

So from my research, I've gathered that some of the smoke I'm seeing can be attributed to having no cat, but it's a lot of smoke when it's being pushed harder. I'm not redlining it or anything. I went from 10W-30 to 5W-30 oil, didn't help. I made my drain line straight, helped just a little. When I'm in heavy boost I see the most smoke and I can certainly smell it (I joke that burning oil is the smell of boost:rice:)

Basically, I'm just hoping that it isn't my motor giving up on me. If it's my turbo, that's fine, I can keep throwing in eBay turbos until I find a formula that works. And, before you tell me to get a quality turbo, please know that I'm not currently financially equipped to do so. The turbo project this summer wiped me out. The tune is for this particular snail as well, so I don't want to mess with it.

My plan to figure this out is to determine whether the boost pressure is causing internals to fail by disconnecting intercooler charge piping and revving it. I would absolutely hate to ruin the motor because I pushed it too hard thinking the turbo was burning oil. But my prime suspect is the turbo.

Bought the car 16 months ago with 243K miles, I assume it is the original D16Z6 motor, no paperwork on whether or not it was rebuilt. The motor was healthy as far as I saw in the year I owned it before the turbo. Never left me stranded, always started in a snap, VTEC worked great.

Any ideas?

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so youd rather throw more money at it with multiple possible faulty turbos instead of buying 1 quality turbo? makes sense

remove the turbo and inspect. do a compression test.
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