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Hey guys.
Own a d16z6. Runnning a 38mm tial wastegate with a 12psi spring. Useing a turbosmart 4 port solenoid to control boost to 24psi. Was tuned with 30hz freq and 35duty to achieve this.

After this was tuned and stale on the dyno I took to the street to setup the boost by gear and was Useing duty cycle specific. Due to not having a enough span with the solenoid on 30hz I changed to 55hz with a new duty cycle of 44% to achieve the same max boost pressure (24psi). I then Set all the duty cycles in the table and got the car responding exacly the way I wanted.

1st - gate pressure
2nd - 15psi
3rd - 19psi
4th - 24psi
5th - 24psi

Now. After I got this set I started playing with the quick spool feature - this is where things started going pear shaped. (car started responding different every time I gave it a hit). Hence I removed the quick spool all together.

Now however my car does not respond to the gear based duty cycles and simply hits. Y boost cut protection in every gear ! I change back to a fixed duty cycles and set it at 0% and I'm still hitting my boost cut (25psi)

I have confirmed the solenoid turns on and off my cycling the power to it and hearing it click. The only way to stop the solenoid from free boosting my car with no control is to change its operational state to normally closed (instead of normally open). This does get my gate pressure however then it won't respond to any duty cycle settings !?!?

Is these something I am missing or could try to isolate this problem and repair it ?! Could I have friend this solenoid even though it still clicks with power?

Any help would be Awsome
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