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jdm d16zc sohc vtec
auto p28 chipped ecu - chrome and Ostrich
civic 94 coupe auto

OK quick description.
I had problems recently with my vtec, it wasn't engaging and trowing me codes 22 and 21.
I got some free time today and rewired them, also connected a vtec light to the vtec solenoid wire and grounded to the black wire of the vtec press switch.
I took off the solenoid and cleaned it.

I don't have codes now, the vtec light is coming up at 4,500ish (tuner set it around that) but the engine stalls and bogs like it was looping around 4800-5000 rpms. I cannot pass the 5k rpms. As I said before I have no CELs now.

Could be that my hi cam profile is not tuned? and for instance the engine stalls?
Bad ground?

Thanx in advance!
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