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Block and head Dilemma y7 block, b7 or y7 head?

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Alright im getting a complete d16y7:***: swap for my civic lx that has a d15b7 now. Im only getting it because of the d16 block, with my b7 head it would basicly be a d16a6 sorta?! OR would it be better to use the y7 head with the swap. I think the b7 head flows better, So if using the b7 head Ill need to put the oil restrictor in the y7 block and use which components?:
?timing belt -maybe a6?
?tensioner -maybe a6?
?water pump -maybe a6?
?cam gear 88-95 or y7/y8?

Would the y7 head be better? WHY?:confused:
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I'd stay with the Y7 to make life easy. If your going to use the B7 head use an A6 cam in it, or better yet a Delta 272 in it.
wouldnt the Y7 block have a oil restictor? so no problems there...I do belive the B7 head flows better but I have no facts to base this on...but regardless if u used the B7 head you might gain a better flowing head, but will lose compression...If the knology shit is right which Im starting to says a 9.1:1 cr with the B7...its up to you to determine the hp goal... the Y7 is the same cc as the Z6 not the Y8, the B7 would be the better choice u can slightly raise or lower ur c/r with headgasket thickness...
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