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I've had my set up for about 6 months now and i recently blew the turbo (leaking oil past the seals and alot of in and out play). I was told that the turbo failed becasue of it trying to compensate for a boost leak (over-revving the turbo) and the thrust washer shat the bed.

The turbo was a Garrett T3 / T04B "S" trim


compressor wheel: 48.4 / 69.9 mm 48 "S" Trim
compressor housing: 0.60 a/r T04B

Turbine wheel: 68 trim (stage1)
Turbine housing .48 a/r

Now I have two options. I can rebuild this turbo, and change a few things on it. They want to swap the turbine housing to .63 a/r stg1½ 5 bolts outlet. upgrade the turbine wheel and give me a 360 degree thrust washer, 2 piece thrust collar, bolted down.


I could upgrade the turbo all together to a Garrett T3 / T4E 57 trim

compressor wheel: 56.6 / 74.9 mm 57 trim
compressor housing: T04E 0.70 a/r, 4" / 2½"
Turbine wheel: 68 trim
Turbine housing .63 a/r

What to do? Any opinion is appreciated

I also want to add that I made 250 on my vitara set-up. Stock y8 head with a z6 vitara and i-beam block. Now I want to go for 300...I completely forgot to add this haha

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Were you using a oil restrictor? And you might as well just get a new turbo since it only seems like a $100 difference.
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