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Hey guys,
Im new here so thaught I would start with my situation, couple of weeks ago I baught a d15z6 ek3 which ran good, sounded good and pulled very well! after 5 days the immob light kicked on and after paying someone £100 pound to try and fix it still no luck...had it de-immobilised and all that and the engine turns over but getting no spark to the cylinders....ecu cant be read anymore and car wont start so I baught myself an ej9 (d14a4) for £250 as a runabout, as I have the d15 on my drive I was wondering what I could take off it and put on the d14 to make it a bit more responsive?? first thaught was the IM, that seems straight forward so what else can I do in a few hours without much hassle while im at the IM??
Many thanks :)
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