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Bisimoto Engineering

2004 Season Events:

2003 driver info

2004 driver info

Straight Talk w/ Bisi Ezerioha

Bisimoto Header info:
Courtesy of:

'Bisimoto 4-to-1 Header:

This brand new header combines a number of cutting-edge design elements including: the equal length primaries with wide radius bends designed to maintain maximum velocity; equal length (13'') stepped primaries to prevent reversion; a true merge collector with a 2 1/4" venturi to a 2 1/2" exit pipe; and excellent ground clearance since only the downpipe travels under the oil pan. The design also appears to provide enough clearance to allow for the use of a full-width (ie. Integra) radiator. The fairly large primaries and downpipe should allow for increased volume and should therefore be very well suited for use on moderate to heavily modified engines.

This header is a very high-end design, similarly featured custom headers costing well over $1k U.S. At 'Bisimoto's price point, it seems like an incredible value for anyone looking for top flight performance out of a $500 header. And given 'Bisimoto's proven performance at the drag strip as the world's fastest SOHC Honda, it seems reasonable to conclude that this header will produce excellent power gains.

Well done 'Bisimoto!

This is a dyno graph supplied by 'Bisimoto Engineering of their 'Street' header on a D-series engine equipped with "78mm bore 11:1 compression motor on pump gas, with my ['Bisimoto] cam, valvetrain and RS Head". This header made 6 peak horsepower and 3 ft/lbs of torque more than the popular RS*R street header.
You can then imagine the hp gains above stock!

This is a dyno graph supplied by 'Bisimoto Engineering of their 'Race' header on one of their D16 high compression prototype engines. This header made 10whp peak and 3 ft/lbs torque more than the $1300 popular race header.​

News release:

"World's Fastest All-Motor
Getting Bisi: Fastest Yes, the Quickest Not Yet
[email protected]"
July 2003 Issue 007

Hondaswap post

D Series Porting

For you Carbed All Motor guys....or anyone w/ info

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Great thread. 8)

You da man, Dog. I wish Bisi had some time to enlighten us some more. ;)

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i wonder how many heads bisi went through before he got the port job that he wanted

also making your own cam grinds must have its benefits too...
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