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Hey there,

I have an fully bulit d16z6 block (pistons, rods, blockguard, ect) with an gt2871r running at 18psi. so far my head is stock. i bought supertech valves and springs, retainers brand new for a very good price. I wanted to buy the bisi 2.4 turbocam. I wrote to bisi with te question if the supertechparts will work with the bisi 2.4 cam. the answer was that i have to "check carefully for coil bind at peak lift". but i didn't get any specs about the cam, so that i could check anything carfully. :wacko:
i only found out that the valve lift (int and exh) are ok combining bisi and supertech...

so what do you think?

thank you for answers and please don't read my english too carfully as i'm from germany! :)
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