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big problem and is urking me

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well its been happening for a while now still havent found out what the problem is. well i need to figure out where im loosing coolant from? when i pop the hood sometimes it smokes from
that side of the engine and i c wet stuff under the intake mani. if u have any imput please let me know asap
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is it the season for water pumps going out or what? there's what... 4 threads now? including mine... and i think my friends water pump is going out too... what's going on??? (oh for the OP, i think it's our water pump. look behind the block... near the alternator... there are weep holes there - and you may see a puddle down below...)
Could be a leaking coolant line somewhere, get some bright ass lights and run your car with the hood popped and rev it and see if you can see anything leaking...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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