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Hey kinda need some diagnostic help here. A while back I put GC Coilovers and KYB AGX shocks on my front end. I set the height at about 1" below stock. After several months of using the car as a daily driver i noticed that the car was hitting really hard on bumps and decided to take a look at the shocks. To my horror I saw that my new AGX on the passenger side was bent at the top where it enters the shock tower. Any ideas what would shocks to lock up and bend like this? I later noticed that GC has a different set for each shock type, any ideas why they would do this, and could the wrong set cause shock damage like this? Thanks for any help!
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i dukes of hazzard tibby and its coilovers put up with it. one time at night i accidentally went over a speedbump at like 40
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