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This is something I had seen online and wanted to try, here is my method

You will need:

Muffin pan

Oven @ 350-375

First off cook up 1 strip of bacon per egg you want cooked and only halfway cook it so it is still flimsy (I usually make mine crispy so I had to remind myself). Keep the leftover grease.

Then you wrap the bacon into the muffin pan so it makes a circle. Then take a spoon and grab a dollup of bacon grease and drop it in the pan as well. Then you crack the egg into the muffin pan with bacon and grease in it.

After that place the pan in the oven for 10 minutes and remove:

Then after you remove it add some finely shredded cheese of your choice (I prefer Cabot Extra Sharp block cheese that I shred) and some pepper from the grinder (pic is with cheese and pepper). Place back in over with cheese on it and leave in until it melts and bubbles around, then remove again:

To remove take a spoon or butterknife and dig around the edges of the pan and remove (this wans't hard) and serve with choice sides. These are perfect size for english muffins!

Final product, note that the yolk may look uncooked but that is just a byproduct of the cheese melting in with it:



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Add some pancake batter in there for a biscuit flavor too, we make these a couple times a month. There was a thread on here for these at one point. Maybe around 2011...

Nice write up, I am making these this weekend now.

edit: Nice cross pattern btw.

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See.. I tried this before.

You have to cook the bacon first halfway, after the 1st time I said screw it.

Just made my bacon and threw some eggs down.. 1 pan, easy clean up.

Fuk all that fancy shit.
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