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6 quart pan with lid
1 lb dry Navy beans (pre-soak 3 hours in salted water)
1 white onion diced
5 oz (1/2 package) of shredded carrots
1 lb loop sausage
1 lb diced (southern style) hashbrowns, thawed
6 oz can Italian style tomato paste.

Drain the soak water off the beans, refill pan to about 1/2 way will cool water. Place pan on 3/4 heat and bring to boil (about 15 min). Add liquid smoke is you desire.

After starting the beans....
+10 min. (not boiling yet) add in the diced onions
+20 min. add in the carrots, adjust heat as needed...
+30 min. add in the dice loop sausage
+40 min. add in tomato paste, cover and reduce to simmer
+60 min. stir and check water level, add if needed as beans will absorb a fair amount
+90 min. add in the diced taters, leaving them mostly on top to steam/cook slowly
+120 min. check water and stir the taters in fully
+150 min. check beans and taters for doneness. Mine was ready so I turned the heat off and allowing to cool.

total cost....$4.50!

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I'm going to Crockpot™ this!

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Frank n beans!!!!!
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