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98 civic DX sedan
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So I'm back after falling asleep going 90mph down the 5 south here in my 98 ricer burner dx with all kinds of love put into it. I even invested in myself to pay a random to teach me to spray. He sucked I learned more from YouTube. That car ended up only having some fender and wheel well damage from the curb I hit on the off ramp. At the time I was still living at home and my mom sold it behind my back and pocketed the money. Kinda fucked up when I said I was going to fix it or sell it so my not so crazy younger brother could drive it. Long story short my still drivable gsr wrapped in a dx shell was sold for under $400 .

That left a sour taste in my mouth and I stuck to my wd21 from then we'll recently I was craigslist browsing and I found a 91 hatch super straight funky rattler can paint job. 4-2-1 headers looks like quality ones too the plate part of the manifold is pretty thick and the metal didn't discolor. No cat then has 2 straight back to a can. It came with a spare si tranny si rims and a motorized sunroof that's supposed to fit. He also had the original manifold i got that because I plan on smogging or "smogging" if still possible.

All this swiped it up for 5 bills because I was browsing craigslist after some bowls of .... , and I thought it was a steal if not anything in part it out.

The bad
Seats don't stay up - who cares for now
No sun roof - came with an electriqc one + frame not sure if it fits
$200 in dmv fees - haggled that off the price and going to try work some magic.
No air filter on a intake that had an eBay intake tube with some ripped hose leading to the bottom of the car but no air filter - bought one from legends for 15 I was In a rush. I'd usually go to jdm car boy but haven't been since he moved and I don't have a civic.
I wanted to talk civic at legends in bellflower to see what goodies but he rushed me out in a dead shop...

Anyways to get it registered I need a cat. and a stock intake.

I was going to just get a universal cat and weld it inline but figured it wouldn't work. Visual inspection with headers and diem stream cat

A few questions
Do newer model catalytic converters fit on my car as far as bolting up? I know there will be an extra bung but I could plug it. Or is buying a magnaflow bolt on model not that bad. Second thing is any bolt on power. Any advice? I was thinking of swapping over a newer model head for some added umpf I'll post pictures soon. Is the si tranny better should I swap that over? And what do I do with that dual point injection I know supposed to do something
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