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Back in D game…

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Joined years ago here when I got an ED6 that I tried to build, but long story short that was short lived 😆. Got my hands on another ED6 with a JDM D15B sold that. Got a 96 sedan and that one I didn’t keep for long either. Pretty much all these cars I wanted to restore, build whatever we wanna call it all just got sold. My life was just a roller coaster of up and downs married with kids the usual. The last Civic I did have was a 2018 Si that I sold as well after the Covid era (should have kept it). Here we are back in 2023 and one can only wonder who is left in here from back then when I lived in here looking for ideas for my cars and getting great tips from the members.
Being gone from this forum for more than a decade a lot has happened. I sold my first home in 2019 to buy again in 2022. The time has come to get back into the game, but with a gem that found on an auction site.
My gem is a bone stock 1999 Civic EX coupe. The EJ8 for us USDM nerds here.
The plan is to keep it original, collect parts and try to keep this one since these are becoming more and more hard to find. I live in south Florida and facebook marketplace is full of junk. This car is a blank canvas and I have scored big time.
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Yep, welcome back. Most of the OG's are gone now. Looks like you picked up a pretty sweet ride.
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Here is an update. For now i daily drive her until I get another car to soon park this one and enjoy on the weekends as I keep tinkering it. Had the issue of dealing with 3 aftermarket IACV to finally my buddy gave me his used OEM. Yep that fixed it.
Misfiring it had was caused I guess by the Bosch plugs that it had and that are junk for these cars. NGK blues and plugs with OEM cap and rotor fixed that up nice.

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