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1. Engage e-brake, place front of car on two jackstands, making sure the front wheels are off the ground.

2. Pull drain plug, which is located on the pass. side of the tranny on the bottom, usually a 3/8 drive rachet, let drain in suitable fluid container

3. Put the plut back in and tighten.

4. Find the return transmission cooler line, this is the line closest to the diff. on the tranny over the axles and dissconnect it at the rubber line.

5. This is where you will need two friends to help, have one sit in the car, have the other hold the return rubber tranny line into a large bucket, and with a funnel, you locate the fill hole, which could be either in the front of the tranny or the back of the tranny, the fill hole has a rod sticking out of it, on this rod it will have 2 lines at the bottom, inside the lines is x's, remember this for later.

6. With the funnel in the fill hole, fill the tranny with 2 or 3 quarts of automatic tranny fluid, U5 or Honda automatic tranny fluid.

7. Have your friend in the car start the car in neutral, at the same time you start slowly pouring fluid in the fill hole, as soon as you start doing that, have your friend with the rubber tranny line watch for the fluid to come out.

8. Continue filling the fill hole until you see clean bright red tranny fluid coming out of the rubber tranny line, when you see this stop filling the tranny fill hole.

9. Let car run until the fluid starts to look like it is slowing down(DO NOT let in completly stop), whenit starts to slow, shut the car off, reconnect rubber tranny line.

10. With the car off, check the level of the tranny fluid, make sure it is in the x's closer to the top line, if it is over the top line, drain a little out and check it again, do this until it is where it needs to be.

11. Congrats, you've just done a flush that would have cost you $100 at a tranny shop.
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