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Just got this and installing it is a bitch! I've got the alarm working which wasn't too bad. It's a nice system. The alarm isn't super loud though. It doesn't come with the relays to hookup your ignition and headlights though. I bought them at an electronics shop for $7 each and now my iginition is dead when the alarm is on and my headlights flash when the alarm is activated. Get some spare wire for the relays, too!

As for the power locks component, in a 5th gen civic sedan, the actuators are a PAIN to fit. I haven't even finished installing it. The wiring is rather easy, just the mounting of the stuff is hard. It hooks right up to the alarm though so it will work off your remote.

One nice thing is the system comes with one extra wire that you can use to either get a remote trunk opener OR wire to the ignition to make a remote starter. Also, you can buy an extra glass breakage sensor and it just plugs right in.

The remote is pretty... lots of flashy blue LEDs inside make a nice effect when you press a button. And it's got GOOD range. It works from inside my apartment (which is on the other side of the building from the garage).

So far... for a $170 system off ebay, I like it. Be warned though, while the instructions give a general idea of how to install it, they don't give specific car model information for installing it. AND, if you don't buy it directly from them or an AUTHORIZED reseller, they won't give you tech support.
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