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auto_manual swap...

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i know its been covered like azillion times, and i searched....just makin sure

basically all i need is pedal assembly, 5spd tranny/linkages and ecu....right?
i know my way around cars so it shouldnt be TOO hard for me to tackle but is there anything else im gonna need b4 hand (axles,wiring harness etc...) and is there anything i should look out 4?
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Convert your ecu only two resistor removed and one jumper wire added!
Flywheel + clutch
bolts to plug the coolant lines to the transmission
auto to manual mount for 92-95 only
Manual flywheel bolts!
I think thats about it!!
I spent about $1200 total on mine a few months back
lower front tranny mount (the torque mount)
manual flywheel bolts and manual starter bolts (important)
that it?
I am thinking it is for the eg in your picture. You'll need the clutch master, resovoir, all the lines slave cylinder to go with the other stuff. If you are reall picky the other brake pedal too.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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