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Auto to 5spd and turbo project!

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Well figured I would post the project in works here. For starters its a 98 dx hatch. Auto was the suck so that has been the first project. hopefully done this weekend. But also the spring turbo project in the works! here are a few pics of whats up thus far.

The stock DD..... before I started ripping her apart.

The beginning of loosing the auto

Shifter out

Pedals in! shit, what a pain in the ass!

Some covers for show.......
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please... no covers.

also. got pics of the E-bay. and the shifter in the cabin ?
good start. I am doing the same thing. good luck!.......
And for the turbo parts.... thus far anyway, and some I missed that are sitting in the buddies garage.


Cheap ass BOV

P06 ecu, waiting to be sent in to be chipped when I get my shit all figured out

Walbro 255lph and RC 370cc injectors

AND some old school GSR wheels waiting for some gunmetal powdercoating
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Hope everything works out:fingersx:

More Pics! More Pics!!

Aw now, I like the covers, they are in there proper..... no clips. And besides the old pedals were teh suck.
and yes bay pics and shifter in pics this weekend after I get that nasty wind tunnel hole coverd, bleh.
Just some more of all the pieces coming together.

Stage 2 F1 clutch kit and 8lbs flywheel.

95 DX tranny, would have prefered an EX but found this one local for a good price so went with it.

Strut bar

Short shifter

cluster with tach... for an a/t with my little... ummm ghetto fix for that
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Mounts and poly inserts

As she sits, waiting for the motor to come out

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nice update, GL with the build. i made my last coupe auto > 5spd. some of it's a bit of a pain in the ass. but it get's better.
Wow!!! This is the kind of threads we need here. Lots of pics. I likey.

GL with the rest of your build. Keep the pics coming man. :TU:
i love the build im doing the same car starting in a few weeks i will have a thread going with plenty of pics along with it... good luck
Good start if you need any help with the auto to 5sp i just did one this past year in a 2000 hatch.
Good start keep it up and keep them pics coming
You're doing what i am too poor to do right now. good luck with everything :D
What I am especially interested with is what way to go with my ecu. I am planning on sending it to xenocron, but am wondering what to go basemaps with chrome or uberdata... any suggestions? Also wondering about self tuning with a laptop, and how close basemaps get me?
Looks like a good project. Nice job so far :td:
be careful with all the wiring.. I did this myself and now have a short I can't find!!!
So far so good, got the clutch circuit hooked up so it starts, and just unplugged the key lock box (little blue box by the ignition) and have the reverse light circuit figured out to hook up to the trans rev sensor. If there are any others I am missing let me know!
what turbo is that?
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