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ok, first the setup then the problems:
4gen4dr auto dx with d15b2 with
a6 head milled .024, ports cleaned of flash
a6 cam with cam gear
z6 intake mani with tb
'88 teg obd-0 injectors(240cc)
chikara troq stepped header
2.25 custom bent exhaust with matched cat
resonator, hooker aerochamber muffler
new o2 sensor (bosch), new wires, cap, rotor, new dizzy all oem
mpfi wiring

started with code 9, running rich, bogged on take-off, smooth idle, traced wires, all good, switched dizzy (reman)
code 9 is gone, but now code 4, wont rev above about 1500 starts to cut out also timing won't advance.
trans locked into park have to use key to release it

questions i've got, all mpfi instructions i've read deal with manuel trans has any one done mpfi in an auto and if so what if anything did you change?
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