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Auto Jamboree took place on July 23rd, at Saitama Institute of Automotive Technology; it seems they have this event every year. From all the vehicles, I would like to introduce the classic ones I was able to spot.

At the entrance I was welcomed by all the BRZ and AE86.

Honda 145 Coupe (1974)

Toyota Celica 1600 GT (1971)

Honda S800 (1966)

Honda Vamos (1971) Summer style☆

Winner of the highest award of the ECO car department at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2016, Subaru 360 S30. This alone is amazing, furthermore, it is an electric car!

The Self-Defense Forces and the Saitama Prefectural Police also participated in the vehicle exhibition.

The extension of the exhibition was quite wide, and it included F3000 cars, engines, and even cars cut for exhibition.
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