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So.. I've been searching and reading for a while, digging up old threads and scouring the FSM.

Seems like the only worry is the lockup not working, this I'm confident I can solve another way potentially with the FSM some geeking and hacking.

Can anyone answer for certain:

1. if the lock up controls are retained on a NOT converted/auto chipped ecu or whether they're a function of the ROM and thus wiped as it seems "all roms are based off the mt" stock rom. This is just what I've read, I'm wondering what the point of converting an ecu from a/t to m/t is for chipping. They do sell non-converted ecus, but these are meant to work with a stock or aftermarket tcu on non-ds.

2. If anything else is controlled by the ecu? I need to recheck the pin out but I didn't see a lot trans related, that said, there's conversion harnesses for the above to incorporate a tcu, I'm guessing the Bs are different and maybe use extra pins / some of those pins are obviously inputs to the tcu.

I have an auto chipped p28 not 100% sure if it's converted (checked one part which leads me to believe it was a/t but I need to double check the resistors) .. maybe it's converted. No idea where it came from or what's even on the chip not that it matters, chip is useless to me cuz its not my tune. Looking tonuse demon/Neptune.

Also have someone local with a s300v3 in a p72 I may grab as its proving difficult to find a demon.

Thanks to anyone who can chime in. Please no "just swap in a manual", perhaps eventually but I'm doing this for fun and to see if it can be done, plus my current power goals won't roast it.

For anyone curious, 95 lx sedan d15b7. Putting on d16z6 head for the minime shortly, aiming for anywhere between 10.1 to 11:1 compression.

I also found a b swap civ local for cheap I may grab as a secondary toy.
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