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Aust EK y0

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Hey guys, first time on this forum. Nice to meet you all. Heres some pics of my little EK from down under. Hope you enjoy em. Cheers

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damn sweet ride !awesome pics as well!
nice looking car and some awesome pics... welcome to the site!
Welcome, nice car and damn good shots! :TU:
wow that's a realy clean hatch there....and the photography skills are sick too :TU:
any shots of the e-bay?
very nice pics and car:TU:....welcome
man i love it, it's a silver version of my car w/ jdm mirror and rear lip
Thanks guys, i dont have any pics of my engine right now but ill take some tomorrow probs. Nothing special, just another D with whale penis intake lol. Bought a fidanza flywheel and was about to put it on today but the mechanic told me it wouldnt fit and was for the wrong car :S
Nice coupe! :TU:

I like that Teg also! :D
Nice coupe! :TU:

I like that Teg also! :D
are you on crack? i see no coupe .....
You have fantastic ride! I think you should buy clear fender indicators becouse corners have clear indicators too. Then it will be perfect! :)

Post picture from inside the car?
love the white on silver
Nice ride also like the silver teg in the one picture.
Nice ride man! I dont normally like the EK hatches, but yours is one i could get used to! :TU:

What wheels are they?
Rims are gramlight replicas, cant afford the real thing :p Ill try get some new pics tomoz.
Very Nice! Welcome to the site.
1 - 20 of 33 Posts
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