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Are poly bushings too stiff for daily driving?

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I have a ES master kit for my EF that has yet to be installed but it will be going on the same time as my rear disc conversion and Skunk 2 Pro S coilovers.

But now im having second thoughts about going poly as I would like to still have a decent ride while im driving normally. Is it going to be too stiff and bumpy?
how is the ride quality for those who have this kit installed?
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The Honda Challenge guys say NEVER to use poly bushings for the RTA. You will be hard pressed to find a Honda race car with poly bushings in certain locations. Some locations are fine, great even, but some places on honda cars, poly bushings don't belong, at least if you expect to use the rtange of motion you see at the track.
Poly bushings should not be used next to the brakes on track either, as the area gets to hot, and they will only last about 2 events.
I geuss their great for daily driving, but if your tracking the car, do some serious research.
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