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Are poly bushings too stiff for daily driving?

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I have a ES master kit for my EF that has yet to be installed but it will be going on the same time as my rear disc conversion and Skunk 2 Pro S coilovers.

But now im having second thoughts about going poly as I would like to still have a decent ride while im driving normally. Is it going to be too stiff and bumpy?
how is the ride quality for those who have this kit installed?
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The RTA is a 50/50 thing. Some people say it's fine, some people say it binds and can cause snap oversteer. Personally, I choose to err on the side of caution because i'm not trying to squeeze every little bit out of my car, it's a DD. On a track car, I would probably do the poly RTA and see what happens.
not to be an ass but, if you havent done it then dont say what you think it will do.
i have the full ES kit and i absolutely love it. just plan on some headaches and downtime, since it is time consuming.
i really don't see all the fuss, since a big sway bar in back limits the suspension movement too. had the poly RTAs on my rex, and now they are on my civic.:beer:
well if anything the kit will make you realize, how good a choice you made on your spring/shock combo.

i really dont think you need more lube than what the master kit already comes with. i used all i could with the install, and still haven't heard a single squeak.

good luck though, lots of work but well worth it:TU:
1 - 2 of 35 Posts
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