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Are poly bushings too stiff for daily driving?

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I have a ES master kit for my EF that has yet to be installed but it will be going on the same time as my rear disc conversion and Skunk 2 Pro S coilovers.

But now im having second thoughts about going poly as I would like to still have a decent ride while im driving normally. Is it going to be too stiff and bumpy?
how is the ride quality for those who have this kit installed?
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I have ES master kit on my 4 door EF w/ B16. Eibach springs & Bilstein shox
Well, here's what I can share with you:

- The steering feels very direct. Keep in mind that you maximize this effect if you have healthy upper/lower balljoints, tierods, rackends and a good alignment.
- It's like having tires with hard sidewalls. The "mushy" feeling disappears.
- You'll love the point-and-shoot feel.
- It's not harsh at all. If you're a honda enthusiast it's easy to understand what's goin on and accept the new feeling and its benefits. BUT beware for the grumpy narrow-butted mr soft heart granpa-ish...

- If you live where road conditions suck, you'll tend to stress the balljoints and steering parts faster if you're not careful.
- You wont like the feeling when you pass through railroads coz of the compliance trade-off.
- In my opinion our EFs are less insulated when it comes to these compared to EGs, EKs & ++ (Try to midpipe and compare, you'll "feel" what I mean)
- Expect squeaks from rear lower arm and/or front upper arm bushings IF you dont lube well enough. Use only urethane campatible grease.

So there. It's all about who'se over sensitive and who'se the one searching for better performance and dont mind giving up a little.
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