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Are poly bushings too stiff for daily driving?

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I have a ES master kit for my EF that has yet to be installed but it will be going on the same time as my rear disc conversion and Skunk 2 Pro S coilovers.

But now im having second thoughts about going poly as I would like to still have a decent ride while im driving normally. Is it going to be too stiff and bumpy?
how is the ride quality for those who have this kit installed?
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I I have the full energy suspension bushing kit on my hatch also. I did the kit one weekend in college, about 4 years ago. They are still holding up very well and this is on my daily driver. It makes the car more responsive thats for sure. I remember I used the lube in the container they give you when installing them. I noticed a few complaints of noise from that, but thats probably because they didn't use the lube. Its a worthy investment.
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